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it’s (almost) officially official


steve and i spent our morning at saint john the apostle roman catholic church signing our marriage agreement with father tran. this means our wedding ceremony date and time are on the books! since we are members of saint joseph’s in herndon who received an exception to bring our priest, father jim angert, to saint john’s chapel in beautiful downtown leesburg, there are still a few more hoops to jump through, but we’re well on our way.

we chose saint john’s in leesburg for our 2:00 pm ceremony because of my family’s ties to the area with two sets of aunts, uncles, and cousins. the historic church is also the prettiest in the area and perfectly sized for our guests. our intimate group of 150 will max out the pews making for a very cozy and special wedding mass. planning a catholic wedding is no simple task, even when you are both catholic, as we are learning. all of the excitement of pre cana begins in january and i know steve is especially looking forward to the couples retreat (just kidding).



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bridal party intros: christina


some know her as bean, but all involved in the ramos-ferraiolo wedding shenanigans will be calling her “moe” from here on out (hails from MOH short for maid of honor). baby sis of the bride also serving as runner up, should i fail to perform my duties, moe will step in to marry stevie in my place (not that she’s complaining. as her fellow ‘maids have been told, she’s had her eye on him for years). bean is currently wrapping up her college career (sniff!) at high point university in north carolina where she is a proud kappa delta studying PR and human relations. she brings the bridal party height ratio waaay down and can most likely be found dancing on tables to miley cyrus’ party in the usa in her pearls and j.crew classic cardi.


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hidden gem


once we sat down with the aforementioned wedding planning goddesses, the first order of business was to secure a reception spot. so armed with a list of recommendations, we visited over a dozen vineyards, B&Bs, country clubs, and mansions throughout loudon county. within a week we had settled on the ever-charming community center in middleburg VA, hometown to wedding planner lisa, someone project runway fans will remember, jackie o and (apparently) elizabeth taylor. middleburg is completely gorgeous and adorably tiny with just 632 people and .6 square mileage of total land to speak of. the community center is the historical town’s focal point where — no joke — tea party classes are taught and where we will eat, drink, and be merry!


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a bride’s best friends


so most of you know that i spend my days working full-time in american university’s career center as the assistant director of employer outreach and my nights in the classrooms of the kogod school of business working my way towards an mba. with steve doing the same (except at ITT and marymount) plus a healthy amateur soccer career, it doesn’t leave much time for wedding planning, as you can imagine. my amazing uncle ralph, proud owner of ferraiolo fitness in leesburg, connected us with two of his clients who also happen to be wedding planners extraordinaire! lisa schulz of the posh planner and jamie sears of simply chic events have already proven they’re worth their weight in gold and we cannot thank them (and my uncle ralph!) for everything they’ve done so far. they are the sole reason that i am staying sane and having fun through this crazy process (and steve isn’t running for the hills!). can’t wait to see what you ladies cook up next!



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here we go!


no cookie cutter wedding website for these nearlyweds! i’ve decided that a blog via wordpress (also home to my beauty blogging prowess, the glossarie), is just the ticket to keep all of our guests, loved ones, and incredible bridal party in the loop of all the pre-wedding happenings. so stay close to see what’s new and i’ll be sure to do some backlogging to include some of the planning decisions that have already been made. we are officially one year, one month, and two days away from the main event!


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