bridal party intros: christina


some know her as bean, but all involved in the ramos-ferraiolo wedding shenanigans will be calling her “moe” from here on out (hails from MOH short for maid of honor). baby sis of the bride also serving as runner up, should i fail to perform my duties, moe will step in to marry stevie in my place (not that she’s complaining. as her fellow ‘maids have been told, she’s had her eye on him for years). bean is currently wrapping up her college career (sniff!) at high point university in north carolina where she is a proud kappa delta studying PR and human relations. she brings the bridal party height ratio waaay down and can most likely be found dancing on tables to miley cyrus’ party in the usa in her pearls and j.crew classic cardi.



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5 responses to “bridal party intros: christina

  1. i see you tried my collage tactic – looks good!

  2. yes! it was so easy. i’m glad i asked you. thanks for the tip!

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