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bridal party intros: fernan

sorry, ladies. he’s taken! that best man eye candy up above is steve’s little brother, fernando. he’s a hunky high-school teacher by day and a soccer-playing stud by night (something that runs in the ramos family genes). he also coaches varsity high-school soccer (go wildcats!) and runs his own series of soccer clinics and a summer camp. phew! the lady on his arm is his adorable girlfriend stephanie and we love her! fun fact: she was the littlest ramos sibling’s, steve & fernan’s baby sis stefanie’s, dance teacher back in the day. she was also seated next to my dad at a recent family gathering and held her own — an impressive feat! they are quite the power couple and we can’t wait to have them both there to celebrate with us.


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a bit blog obsessed

have i mentioned that i’m hopelessly addicted to the wedding blogs? i just tallied up the grand total from my google reader and i’m following a whopping 35! surely there are brides to be out there more smitten than me (or maybe not) but i’m starting to become concerned about how i will peel myself away from them after the big day! they’ve been a great source of inspiration for everything from event design to creative reception ideas and one of my very favorites even posted today about the lovely concept of a thanksgiving weekend wedding. what a brilliant idea! you can see some of my faves up above (click the pic to enlarge) and over there to the right where i’ve got my little blog roll going. so while going cold turkey may be a bit painful next november 28th, for now, it’s a lusty love affair between me and the blogs. and oh! have we got a blissful year ahead.


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this time next year

hi strangers! i have totally neglected this little blog of ours over the last few weeks. life just gets insane around this time of year with finals and i’ve been trying to enjoy the “all quiet” on the planning front for now. i can’t believe the holidays are here and as of next saturday, we are officially one year from GO time! steve and i are looking forward to spending our first thanksgiving together with his family in north carolina plus a little QT with raleigh-based bridesmaid, alana, and her hubby jon. this time next year we will be be dashing between three (or more?) dinner celebrations and kicking off our wonderful wedding weekend! we are thankful for so very much this year and really excited for the months ahead. happy thanksgiving to all!

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