a bit blog obsessed

have i mentioned that i’m hopelessly addicted to the wedding blogs? i just tallied up the grand total from my google reader and i’m following a whopping 35! surely there are brides to be out there more smitten than me (or maybe not) but i’m starting to become concerned about how i will peel myself away from them after the big day! they’ve been a great source of inspiration for everything from event design to creative reception ideas and one of my very favorites even posted today about the lovely concept of a thanksgiving weekend wedding. what a brilliant idea! you can see some of my faves up above (click the pic to enlarge) and over there to the right where i’ve got my little blog roll going. so while going cold turkey may be a bit painful next november 28th, for now, it’s a lusty love affair between me and the blogs. and oh! have we got a blissful year ahead.



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2 responses to “a bit blog obsessed

  1. A Thanksgiving wedding was my second choice for a date. But we went with April Fools, our dating anniversary instead 🙂

    • aww i love that idea! our dating anniversary is in july (which we virginia girls know can be a bit hot and humid) and i just don’t fare well in the heat. fall was an obvious choice and we loved the idea of extending a very family-oriented holiday : )

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