a ring in the rain

six months ago today steve lured me down to fredericksburg, home of our alma mater mary washington, with the promise of dinner with friends. little did i know said friends were actually not in town and he had cooked up a surprise with bridesmaid/bestie/college roomie-who’s-been-there-since-night-one, lindsey! i was told we got down to f’burg too early for our (fake) dinner plans so steve suggested a walk on campus to kill some time. we were having a blast reminiscing about our days as undergrads and i was clueless as ever that anything out of the ordinary was about to happen. mid-stroll down campus walk in the pouring rain we ducked into the amphitheater you see up above where it was miraculously dry thanks to all of that tree cover.  wonderful things were said, steve got down on one knee, and the rest is history.

these first six months have absolutely flown and we are looking forward to taking our awesome photog, kate headley, back to mary wash and adorable downtown fredericksburg for engagement photos sometime in the next six months so stay tuned!

ps – kate is launching a beautiful new website which we can’t wait to see!


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