cold shoulder

a late november wedding could cause some issues with keeping warm. i had originally thought it might be fun to sport a cozy (faux) fur like the one in this vermont wedding — also note the excellent use of the black sash trend as mentioned in last week’s post — but lately i’m starting to lean more towards a chic bolero like the uber fab teal ruffled dealie up above. it’s a bit more bold than i’d be in my typical day to day but i think one’s wedding is cause to up the style factor a bit like this bride and her gorgeous fantasy dress! stunning.

in other news, one of my absolute most favorite bloggers miss mae, just got engaged and is already teasing her bridal style. you can bet i’ll be stalking her as it all comes together!



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2 responses to “cold shoulder

  1. Mom

    I like the Bolero look it is very European. The color is perfect!

  2. kind of bold, but it could be fun! i also love the color. i’m starting to think putting nellie & claire in champagne-colored dresses (or that dusty r0se) and the tiny girlies in turquoise could be cute.

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