a wise woman once said

i’ve been in a great little email exchange with my grandma this week (yes, she is hip to email!) and i just had to share this pearl of wisdom:

remember when things become overwhelming,  it will all work out, even if it isn’t quite what you had planned. those things that seemed to be disasters at the time, become  the family stories of the future, and usually with much laughter and enjoyment.

in proof, she shared a few notes from her mom’s (my great-grandmom’s) wedding:

My Dad was not Catholic and a southerner to boot, so the wedding took place  in the parish rectory.  The pastor was a good friend of Mom’s and was seriously against the marriage.  The pastor allowed a BestMan and a Bridesmaid at the ceremony – and no pictures.  He made everything as difficult as possible. Following the ceremony family and friends survived a rather lively party with practical jokes played on the couple, especially the groom, by Mom’s 5 brothers.  It couldn’t have been too bad because the marriage lasted 64 years.

and a note on her own, which just celebrated its 50th year in September! (see pic up above: that’s grandma & papa re-enacting their cake cutting ceremony at the big shindig we threw to celebrate. cake smashed in the face after 50 years!)

All my plans for a February wedding had to be ditched because Papa told me in July that he wanted to be married before he turned 40 (which would take place the 12th of September).  You can imagine the mad scramble I had to plan a wedding in September.  It was much smaller than original plans, but it was a lovely wedding anyway and Papa and I celebrated 50 years of marriage with the most wonderful family anyone could possibly have.

i so loved reading these little snippets! they remind me that steve and i have a long history of very successful marriages preceding us and we continue to have lots of support as we plan for the big day. love you, grandma!



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2 responses to “a wise woman once said

  1. Therese Callahan

    The rest of the wedding story is that we did not change our honeymoon plans. We had only the week-end (Labor Day) after the wedding. Bill had patients scheduled for the Tuesday after and I still had my job.
    We had reserved the honeymoon suite in a very posh San Juan hotel. However, by February I was pregnant and had serious nausea problems and tended to faint when stressed. No sooner had we arrived to register, than Dad had to ask that we get to our suite right away ‘because my bride is pregnant and not feeling well”. Back in 1959this caused raised eyebrows and more than a few stares. I was obviously pregnant, I was already well into the second trimester! What a start for a honeymoon!

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