fit for a princess

the nice thing about a long engagement is the ability to spread out my decision-making and really prioritize some of the things i’ve deemed most important. for example, one of the first things we settled on was our photographer, kate headley (more on her fabulosity later. i haven’t yet dreamed up a post to do her justice!). another item that was high on my list was my wedding band since, next to our pictures, it’s really the only thing from the day that sticks around for eternity (ok, except the boy!). a couple of weeks ago steve and i were able to take advantage of a rare sale at the jewelry store where he purchased my engagement ring in fairfax and thanks to a deep discount, i got the ring of my dreams to coordinate with my beautiful engagement setting. i have to say it’s tough to pick something that you’ll wear everyday for the rest of your life. i am very glad steve did the choosing for my e-ring because the options are just overwhelming. so, cross another major decision off the list! (oh, and if you’re wondering as to where the ring will live for the next 11 months: steve has locked it away in a safe and hidden the key so that i stop threatening to wear it to work…)


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