in need of glass slippers

i visited my wedding dress yesterday. it’s currently at steve’s parents house in stafford, va where his super talented seamstress mom is holding it before she begins working her magic on its ivory taffeta goodness. momma-in-law audete has informed me, however, that she cannot touch it until i’ve committed to shoes. ladies and gents, it would be mild to say that i’m dreading the shoe search. since steve and i are exactamundo the same height sans shoes, i’m restricted to flats (both on 11/27 and forever. but this is way fine by me because i. hate. heels.). i don’t want to wear closed toe because i think they can look dowdy but a sandal in november? oy vey.

i found these beauties up above by loeffler randall. they could be perfect. if only they were slightly (okay WAY) less than $325. then i found these which could also work but i’m not fully convinced. so let it be known that i am on the hunt! and keep your eyes peeled for something fabulous on my behalf. i may just offer up a reward to anyone who finds my wedding shoes!



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8 responses to “in need of glass slippers

  1. Liz had the same problem. She ended up getting satin ballet flats but it took her a long time to find ones that she liked.

  2. so those steve madden ones? i owned them (sans beading) and wore them literally to the ground last summer. they were good!
    good luck on the shoe hunt! ill keep my eyes peeled 😉

  3. Nicole

    I know you love Seychelles. These come in gold and pewter.

    • those are a popular choice! steve’s cousin diana suggested them and i’ve seen a few brides wearing them in the blogs. they’re a favorite! now to commit to a color … hmmm …

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