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bridal party intros: shannon

this little sure-to-be-scene-stealer up above is my adorable goddaughter, shannon. she also happens to be my youngest cousin (yes, we’re 25 years apart!) who is about to have a very big 2010 complete with the arrival of a new baby brother in may. she seems pretty excited about her flower girl debut already exclaiming “flowers…throw ’em!” whenever we talk about the wedding. me? i’m pretty darn excited to dress her up in a big ball of tulle and send her down the aisle. i still can’t believe that tiny little creature in the top left corner has turned into the bright bundle of toddler sunshine that i know and love today!



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a little peek at the wedding crazy

yesterday i tried to describe the concept of ballerina-esque flower girls to steve over ghat. when it wasn’t working,  i asked if he had seen the pic on my inspiration board to which he replied “umm … is that on the blog?” negative, ghostwriter, that’s on my dresser (and up above for your viewing pleasure). currently it’s a hodgepodge of hairstyles, the biz card of a dj i met at an awesome south moon under event, and a picture of late night bites in the form of vanilla milkshakes with brownies on the glass (yum!). along with this tame little example, i am also currently juggling several virtual inspiration boards and a 12+ tabbed spreadsheet of link love from the blogosphere ALL of which i will be attacking with vim and vigor for my upcoming meetings with caterer, cake-r, and the holly chapple (who i’ve been stalking for months).

so that, ladies and gents, is the wedding crazy.

ps – you may also note the coupon for a free pint of ben & jerry’s given to me by their head of PR. that little gem is our emergency savior for when (inevitably, at some point in the coming 10 months) the sh*t hits the fan and we need some new york super fudge chunk in our lives, pronto.


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inspiration #1

(picture by jose villa)

i’m taking a note from my most favorite guy blogger, the groom says, and starting a little collection of inspiring images. first up is this insane iPhone picture by jose villa of a bride in an untouchably amazing black ramona keveza. i know. stunning.

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back in the swing of things

the start of 2010 means a return to classes (woof), a return to horrendous traffic on the dulles toll road, and – most importantly – a return to wedding planning! in preparation for a meeting with lisa and jamie this friday, i picked up a fresh copy of washingtonian bride & groom for inspiration. could you just die over that gorgeous shot of bride martine and her ‘maids on the cover? it was shot by our amazing photographer, kate headley! (you can see the rest of their incredible day here.) kate is listed as one of wb&g’s best vendors for 2010 as is jamie so you can imagine how excited i am to start cooking up some ideas on decor and style with this bunch.


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