a little peek at the wedding crazy

yesterday i tried to describe the concept of ballerina-esque flower girls to steve over ghat. when it wasn’t working,  i asked if he had seen the pic on my inspiration board to which he replied “umm … is that on the blog?” negative, ghostwriter, that’s on my dresser (and up above for your viewing pleasure). currently it’s a hodgepodge of hairstyles, the biz card of a dj i met at an awesome south moon under event, and a picture of late night bites in the form of vanilla milkshakes with brownies on the glass (yum!). along with this tame little example, i am also currently juggling several virtual inspiration boards and a 12+ tabbed spreadsheet of link love from the blogosphere ALL of which i will be attacking with vim and vigor for my upcoming meetings with caterer, cake-r, and the holly chapple (who i’ve been stalking for months).

so that, ladies and gents, is the wedding crazy.

ps – you may also note the coupon for a free pint of ben & jerry’s given to me by their head of PR. that little gem is our emergency savior for when (inevitably, at some point in the coming 10 months) the sh*t hits the fan and we need some new york super fudge chunk in our lives, pronto.



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2 responses to “a little peek at the wedding crazy

  1. i love your inspiration board!

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