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bridal party intros: lindsey

{us in our collegiate heyday at mary wash}

it’s hard for me to find words to do bridesmaid and best friend of 10 years, lindsey, justice. she’s been in my life so long, i can’t remember the days before her! she’s been around longer than stevie & played a major role in our engagement which meant so much to me. she’s been there through good times and bad breakups, ridiculously drunken evenings and insanely worth it hangover mornings. we were roommates for four years and, in short, she’s my person.

these days she’s way too far away for my liking playing the role of full-time teacher and grad student in nashville, tn. we are so excited she’ll be traveling back to va this thanksgiving to celebrate and keep my sanity in check on the big day. i’m also secretly hoping, if we ask nicely (and serve her enough liquor), she *might* just indulge us with her killer karaoke rendition of “play that funky music (white boy).”



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inspiration #3

{grace kelly’s wedding cake via la douleur exquise}

we’re going cake tasting this friday!


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hi, my name is lara and i buy tutus on my lunch break.

while they haven’t all been officially intro’d as of yet, we are so giddy (ok, i am so giddy) about the four little girls participating in our wedding. i have been hunting high and low for fluffy cuteness with which to adorn the littlest of the four attendants and i found these gorgeous ivory and pink tutus on giggle has just 5 physical store locations,  one of which is super close to work. amazing! i popped in there today mainly to check out their quality (yes, i am a selective tutu purchaser) and was delighted with their in-person adorableness. so, naturally, i walked out with two in hand.

i’m going to try one on shannon this weekend to see if they’re a hit. the overall ensemble also includes a leotard, tights, and a cardigan to keep cozy.

i may just quit my day job and start styling flower girls full time.

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the wedding blogs came calling!

i am beyond excited to tell you that i was recently asked to guest post on one of my favorite wedding blogs, swatchbook weddings! i linked up with sw’s amazing creator, angela, through twitter after she posted an awesome lip gloss on her blog. her request marks my very first guest post outside of the glossarie and eleventwentyseven and it could not be a a better opportunity to combine my two interests as a beauty-blogger-bride-to-be! so hop on over to angela’s pretty place in the bloggerverse to read my suggestions on big day beauty.


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bridal party intros: lee

groomsman william lee murray met steve at their highschool state all-star soccer game (where steve was MVP, as he would like to remind lee). they would later be literally reconnected during freshman soccer initiation at mary washington college when they were tied together wearing women’s underwear and lee (apparently) drank all the beer for their team of two. flash forward nine years to last october when we were lucky enough to be a part of lee’s wedding celebration to his beautiful bride karli. we adore them both as people and as friends and feel quite blessed to have the unofficial mayor and first lady of fredericksburg, va participate in our wedding day.

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inspiration #2

{pic via ruffled }

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