bridal party intros: lindsey

{us in our collegiate heyday at mary wash}

it’s hard for me to find words to do bridesmaid and best friend of 10 years, lindsey, justice. she’s been in my life so long, i can’t remember the days before her! she’s been around longer than stevie & played a major role in our engagement which meant so much to me. she’s been there through good times and bad breakups, ridiculously drunken evenings and insanely worth it hangover mornings. we were roommates for four years and, in short, she’s my person.

these days she’s way too far away for my liking playing the role of full-time teacher and grad student in nashville, tn. we are so excited she’ll be traveling back to va this thanksgiving to celebrate and keep my sanity in check on the big day. i’m also secretly hoping, if we ask nicely (and serve her enough liquor), she *might* just indulge us with her killer karaoke rendition of “play that funky music (white boy).”



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6 responses to “bridal party intros: lindsey

  1. Lindsey

    I love it! Although, we did teeechnically live together for 5.5 years. I’m trying to figure out which year you have subconciously blocked from your memory. My guess it’s the year we lived in the apartment Nellie thought was a motel. Or, perhaps it was the year we lived in the condo that made our clothes smell like curry and we had to call 911 twice due to gang activity in the parking lot. Oh, the housing sacrifices we made for our shopping habits!

    • haha so i’ve rechecked my math and i was actually only counting two years of college! i had blocked out our first six months of roomie hell (terrible as those girls were they are the reason we became besties!) and second six months of apartment-style bliss in the randolph quad. shame on me!

    • Mom

      Is the motel apt the one that had the terrorists living downstairs? That was mine and Dad’s personal favorite!?

      • ahh yes! all they had in that apartment was vhs tapes stacked wall to wall and weight lifting apparatus. that being said, we always felt safe in believing that they wouldn’t blow up their own abode.

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