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garter couture

i won’t be wearing a garter, but if i was, it would look like this:

or maybe this:

or maybe this:

and if you are one of my reader brides who will be wearing a garter, you should get yours here. they’re just too gorgeous for words! oh, and did i mention she does custom? i die.

*all images courtesy of florrie mitton’s etsy shop.



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goodbye ashley place, hello pleasant street

{toasting our engagement with the neighbors on the front porch of 6 ashley —
and yes, i’m holding a newborn baby. would you expect anything less??}

today is a bittersweet day for the ferraiolos. my parents are (sob!) moving out of their westford house and are on to bigger and better things in a gorgeous new home in newburyport, ma. i’m pouting because it means that they’re leaving the town we’ve been in for almost 20 years and the place i call “home.” the new house is beautiful and has beach access (!!!) so i’m super excited about that, plus it’s a fantastic move for the empty nesters as they will be very close to tons of restaurants, bars, and shops. so while all of that is incredible and so much to look forward to, i’m still a little sad today.

(seriously, though. just for today. because this summer i plan to fall in love with the pedi cabs and get my tan on at the new digs.)

so bye bye, 6 ashley! be nice to your new family.


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eat drink and be married!

spending the afternoon with bridesmaid jamie at the engaged! in washington event. the fun spans across five of dc’s most well-known wedding venues and includes bridal fashion, flowers, photography, hair, makeup, yummy food and drinks. i’m excited to brainstorm some more great ideas and fingers crossed we win one of the amazing honeymoons or shopping sprees!

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bridal party intros: jamie

this striking blonde is none other than bridesmaid, jamie. she and i have the very fun experience of serving as bridesmaids for each other this fall and so far it has made for lots of bride-y fun (mostly in the area of dress shopping)! friends for five years now, our bond goes far beyond the throes of wedding planning and deep into scintillating topics and activities such as sangria sipping, bachelor watching, and south moon under shopping.

i think my favorite part of preparing this intro was a) realizing that of the nearly 100 photos tagged of us together on facebook, these are the only ones that were save for the public eye and b) finding just as many pictures of her and steve as i did of her and i! jamie and her fiance, adam (who works with steve-o), live close by in arlington so we get to play with them lots which we love. as my only local ‘maid jamie has been an absolute god-send and i am so excited for our doubly exciting fall 2010!


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inspiration #6

{his and hers bouquets via maloman photography}

happy birthday, stevie!
we are headed up to nyc today to celebrate his 28th with a weekend in the city 🙂

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bridal party intros: kodack

steve and kodack (paul) were known as “the twins” at mary washington — see any resemblance in the pics up above? the two were pretty much inseparable through soccer and then as roommates sophomore, junior, and senior year. we all moved up to northern virginia after graduation so they are still best buds, causing late night trouble on occasion and playing men’s league together twice a week. sometimes i joke and call kodack “the other woman” because he and steve are thick as thieves, but truth be told he is a very loyal friend to steve and he means a lot to both of us. we’re very honored to have him stand up for us as a groomsman on 11/27 and know that the kodack-ramos friendship will stand the test of time.

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a night to remember

steve and i celebrated our engagement with 40 of our closest friends last weekend in fredericksburg. the murrays were our gracious hosts for an amazing party and a fantastic time had by all! from the yummy food to the touching slide show, it was truly overwhelming to be in the presence of so many people who love and support us. we can’t thank everyone enough who made the trip to come and toast our upcoming wedding! we feel like we’ve officially kicked off the season leading up to 11/27 and are so excited for more get togethers along the way.

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