bridal party intros: liam

let’s just put it out on the table: liam is the heartthrob of the groomsmen group.

(i know this because a) look at that killer smile and b) my bridesmaids are arguing over who gets to walk with him!)

he and steve have been buds since playing travel soccer in highschool when liam apparently (and i don’t believe this for a second but i will try to find photographic evidence) was rocking a grungy mullet. the two continued their love fest through four years of soccer at mary wash where liam was the team’s goalie and steve played attacking center mid. aside from being an athletic stud, liam launched a little group called the silent critics during our college years with our good friend, ryan. the two are still rocking and rolling, booking gigs across northern va and stealing hearts as they go. as co-frontmen, we’re hoping to convince them to sing our first dance so fingers crossed you will all get to experience liam’s vocal stylings in november!


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