bridal party intros: jamie

this striking blonde is none other than bridesmaid, jamie. she and i have the very fun experience of serving as bridesmaids for each other this fall and so far it has made for lots of bride-y fun (mostly in the area of dress shopping)! friends for five years now, our bond goes far beyond the throes of wedding planning and deep into scintillating topics and activities such as sangria sipping, bachelor watching, and south moon under shopping.

i think my favorite part of preparing this intro was a) realizing that of the nearly 100 photos tagged of us together on facebook, these are the only ones that were save for the public eye and b) finding just as many pictures of her and steve as i did of her and i! jamie and her fiance, adam (who works with steve-o), live close by in arlington so we get to play with them lots which we love. as my only local ‘maid jamie has been an absolute god-send and i am so excited for our doubly exciting fall 2010!



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