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inspiration #8

{the poster that sweetly says it all via lulu carter}


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all that glitters

first off, thanks for all of the love on my reinvigorated dress search! i received oodles of concerned messages, calls, and emails which was really sweet. i promise things are under control and i won’t be walking down the aisle in my skivvies : ) so while the hunt continues, let it be known that i am still prowling for accessories (putting the cart before the horse you say? yes, definitely.) and totally ga-ga over these glam and glittery goodies!

{broach bracelet via style me pretty}

{sparkly shoes via style me pretty}

i need that bracelet. and these sky-high stilettos would require steve to grow six inches (love you!) and would most likely be murder on my feet within 15 minutes. but — sigh — aren’t they beauties?!


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a small dress dilemma

{a bouquet and a ‘brella on the beach via brenda’s wedding blog}

i’ve come to grips with the fact that my day-of-dress selection may not be as final as i would have liked to believe. as i regroup and get into the mindset to keep looking (err start over), here a few pretty gowns from around the blogosphere this week:

a bold bride in buttercup yellow! and i love it.

i’m obsessed with the degas-inspired dress #3.

this surprising number from none other than david’s bridal. (looks so j. crew, coulda fooled me!)

happy weekend!


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bridal party intros: kish

these smoldering blue eyes belong to one ryan kish. he is yet another mary washington soccer stud (yes, our bridal party is teeming with them – lucky, lucky me!) whose friendship with steve has weathered the test of time. the two were teammates for four years and roomies at the infamous prince edward street house for the last two years of college solidifying their bromace. these days, kish is living the dream in arlington so he and stevie still get to kick the ball around on multiple soccer teams. kish is a tall drink of water, bringing the groomsman height average up a notch. little does he know, we’re gonna make him walk with the flower girls : )

ps – you can also ask him about his recent run in with obama!


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bridal party intros: brooke

bridesmaid brooke is celebrating a birthday today! (along with yours truly. happy 28th to us, brookie!) she and i have known each other since college when she visited roomie/bestmaid, lindsey. since then we’ve had oodles of adventures including a mischievous jaunt to la jolla and an amazing week in fiji where she served in the peace corps. these days she’s in her second year of law school in colorado set to graduate next may which is also when i will finish up my mba! do i hear a double graduation party calling? she is an incredible friend offering invaluable advice at the drop of a dime, whatever my current conundrum may be. we also operate some scary esp and have given each other the same birthday gift two years running! love you lots, brooke. happy birthday and i can’t wait to see you soon!


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inspiration #7

{flowergirl first look via polkadotbride}

i would have thought choosing fluffy flower girl dresses for two tiny beauties would have been a breeze but for whatever reason, it’s still keeping me up at night! i just love this pic of a happy fg prancing down to show off her fancy frock. i hope to make our little ones that happy on our big day! to see some of my current ideas, check out the style page and let me know if you have any faves.

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wedding shoes: found!

after months of searching, i am happy to report (and i know you’ve been on the edge of your seats waiting for this one!) that i have found wedding shoes. it’s been a long and perilous journey, but the final choice is the florale flat by steve madden. i just love the peep toe and the ruffle, plus the fact that it’s actually a soft shoe (made out of gorgeous suede) so they feel like slippers! now for the confession: i’ve bought them in both gold and black. (i think we all knew the decision couldn’t be that easy.) i’ve long liked the idea of gold shoes, but our bridesmaids are in black and i’m considering a black sash for my ivory dress.

so, what say you readers of eleventwentyseven? your comments, please!


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