wedding shoes: found!

after months of searching, i am happy to report (and i know you’ve been on the edge of your seats waiting for this one!) that i have found wedding shoes. it’s been a long and perilous journey, but the final choice is the florale flat by steve madden. i just love the peep toe and the ruffle, plus the fact that it’s actually a soft shoe (made out of gorgeous suede) so they feel like slippers! now for the confession: i’ve bought them in both gold and black. (i think we all knew the decision couldn’t be that easy.) i’ve long liked the idea of gold shoes, but our bridesmaids are in black and i’m considering a black sash for my ivory dress.

so, what say you readers of eleventwentyseven? your comments, please!



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12 responses to “wedding shoes: found!

  1. Amber

    If you do the black sash, I’d say go with the black shoes. I think it would tie it all together. Will your feet be visible in the gown? For my dress, it didn’t matter what color I wore since you couldn’t see my feet! Is there other touches of gold in the dress or accessories? If you don’t do the black sash, then I’d probably say the gold, esp if people can see your feet. That way the stark contrast of the black against the gown won’t have people’s eyes drawn to your feet instead of to your beautiful ivory dress. But if the black sash is on the dress, then the eye will already be there. Hope that makes sense šŸ™‚

    • thanks, amber! love your logic : ) my gown is floor length so they won’t peek out too much. i think the color choice will depend on the black belt, you’re right!

  2. oh these are so cute! and so reasonable! hmm…. the black or gold… maybe you could bust out both? gold for the ceremony, black for the reception?

    i have dreamed of wearing red shoes on my wedding day. LOVE a pop of color and red shoes always make me feel sassy. what better day than your wedding day to live up the sass!

    • i love that idea, too! we are doing shades of pink for accents and flowers so bright pink flats could be fun. why do i have a feeling i will be keeping both pairs of shoes : )

  3. I like black shows with the black sash, but I was thinking that if you really want to wear gold shoes, perhaps you could work the gold into the sash or other accessory to pull things together. (Black sash, with a central gold stripe? It would be special to you, the bride.)

    @Brookem: Red shoes for a bride remind me of the Ruby Slippers. Throw in a gold runway on the aisle and you could have a fun theme going on there. šŸ™‚

    Oh, for you fashionistas: My wife’s mom was the receptionist at Vogue. Add that to that my aunt who was the fashion editor at the New York Daily News, and you’d think I’d have some fashion sense. But don’t believe that for a second! So take what I say with a grain of salt. šŸ™‚

    • uncle billy, i think your fashion sense is better than you imagine! those fashionistas in your family tree must have slipped something in your gene pool. you’re right on point with needing to tie the whole thing together if i go with gold : ) i supposed i could do that with some gold earrings or something subtle which could be nice!

  4. Diana

    I think both colors could work. One thing to consider is that your shoes might show when you are sitting down or they might peek out when you walk.

  5. Jamie

    I actually saw these little beauties at Nordie’s today! So glad the shoe search has come to an end, esp. since I know that finding “the” shoes can sometimes be more difficult than finding “the” dress! If you don’t do the sash, I’m for the gold šŸ™‚

    • they’re so comfy! i think i’m starting to lean towards the gold as well. steve’s mom is going to make a matching sash out of whatever fabric we hem off the bottom for the ceremony. the black might be just for the reception or some pictures. too many choices : ) ps – i want your job so i can go to nordie’s on a thursday, too!

  6. Mom

    First of all I love the shoes. They are perfect. Keep both Gold for the ceremony and Black for the reception. I am buying them for your Birthday!

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