bridal party intros: stefanie

rounding out the bridesmaids, last but certainly not least, is steve’s little sister, stefanie. i met stef very early on in my relationship with steve at her 5th grade winter concert. so, yes i’ve known her since she was an adorable 10-year old. today’s stefanie is a super successful junior in high school balancing varsity dance team and a study of cosmetology. i do my best to rescue her from her soccer-obsessed brothers as often as possible and i’m so excited for the nyc girls getaway we are planning! (i have a feeling the bars we plan to hop for my bachelorette may frown upon us toting a 17-year old along so we’ve got a fun trip in the works to make up for it.) i feel very lucky to be gaining a new little sister and while she she may be the youngest ‘maid but she will sure be putting us all to shame on the 11-27 dance floor!



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5 responses to “bridal party intros: stefanie

  1. Janet

    We got Jessica into a bunch of bars in Adams Morgan. We were very bad influences :).

    • haha that IS bad! and i’m impressed that you pulled it off with all of the intense bouncers in adams morgan : )

      • Janet

        What was even funnier…she used my ID..she is only about 6 inches taller then me. haha! Her mom was there, so I guess she’s the really bad one.

  2. stefanie ramos

    awhhh : ) i love this !
    im sooo excited for NYC as well, and to gain a sister !
    love you both

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