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school’s out (for summer)

{amazing cartwheel skills via flickr}

i’m feeling a bit like this adorable chica in her most awesome skirt right now. after turning in my final exam last night, i am done with school for a big fat four months. as most know, i was due to graduate this december, but it would mean a wicked series of finals starting the monday after our wedding. i figured i had better things to consume myself with over this upcoming thanksgiving break than my studies, so i get to treat myself to this little break which is much needed after two-plus straight years of two-plus nights per week in class.

now, i get to join steve in enjoying a return to free evenings which we plan to fill with cooking and walking and visiting the monuments at night and pretty much whatever we want. not too shabby and not too poorly timed considering we probably should reconnect before we tie the knot (wink!). on the agenda for these next few months are (among other things):

  • flowergirl shannon’s third birthday
  • our eight year anniversary (yowza!)
  • my bridal shower and, best of all, a visit from my parents & sis
  • fun couples shower for bridesmaid jamie and her fiance adam
  • jamie’s bachelorette weekend in the outter banks
  • my bachelorette weekend in newburyport (looookout!)
  • jamie and adam’s williamsburg wedding
  • no studying!

something tells me this summer and early fall will be nothing short of exhausting but we are certainly excited for all of the fun ahead. something also tells me that with some extra time on my hands, this blog is going to get a bit of extra attention so look forward to some extra, extra eleventwentyseven goodness!



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details, details, details

{girly vintage glam via martha stewart weddings}

we are in a really good place, ladies and gents.

as you know, all the big stuff is booked, including our once-in-a-lifetime getaway to the mediterranean to which i am counting down the days!! what’s left on the to-do list is what feels like lots (and lots) of little things and not lots (and lots) of money. so as i get more and more obsessively wrapped up in stuff like my jewelry, bridesmaid gifts, votive candle holders, table numbers, menus, seating charts (have i stressed you out yet?), yada yada, i have been profoundly inspired by the words of some very wise ladies.

first, from our talented photographer, kate (via twitter):

“when planning details, less is more. props don’t make the day,
pick a beautiful location, elegant flowers and let the rest happen.”

and then, amidst a small bridal breakdown last week, my fabulous aunt kara, mom to flowergirl shannon, left me a great voicemail:

“it’s like packing for a trip. you can always bring more clothes or add
more things but after awhile it doesn’t really make your experience any better.
it’s all about the vacation and not necessarily what you bring with you.”

so needless to say i’m feeling much better and ready to tackle all of the small things with big gusto. and also to start packing for our cruise!


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inspiration #9

{at least he’s honest via the polka dot bride}

replace “my nintendo” with “the world cup” and we’re in business.**

i’ve cheerily slipped back into planning mode this week. upon my return from orlando i met with jamie and lisa for a fun decor discussion and i’m getting so excited about some of our ideas! we firmly settled on a color palette (finally! which is totally my scatter-brained fault), talked linens, glassware, seating chart display, and so much more. for a little taste of what’s been catching my eye, i’m keeping track of images and inspirations in a tumblog.

happy weekend to all and forca portugal!

**note: should you need steve for any reason over the next month, you might frequent any local sports bar and/or our couch where he will be glued to soccer’s biggest stage

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i’m on bride-cation

{pretty in yellow and pink via 100 layer cake}

it’s been a full year of planning and i’m hitting a small wall. happily, all of the big decisions are made and we’re down to the nitty gritty. finally! the fun stuff: invitations, gifts for the bridal party, accessories, linens, and more. everything i’ve been looking forward to most and i’m out of steam. not sure if it’s the whole professional/student/bride balancing act catching up to me but i have full confidence that after a week away (at a work conference in orlando — it’s a vacation from wedding planning, not a vacation from work or school, hence bride-cation : )), i will return fully refreshed and prepared to tackle the topic of decor with jamie and lisa. while i’m gone, steve and i will celebrate one year of being engaged in separate states and i will soak up some wonderful quality time with my grandparents. have a great week, all!

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