details, details, details

{girly vintage glam via martha stewart weddings}

we are in a really good place, ladies and gents.

as you know, all the big stuff is booked, including our once-in-a-lifetime getaway to the mediterranean to which i am counting down the days!! what’s left on the to-do list is what feels like lots (and lots) of little things and not lots (and lots) of money. so as i get more and more obsessively wrapped up in stuff like my jewelry, bridesmaid gifts, votive candle holders, table numbers, menus, seating charts (have i stressed you out yet?), yada yada, i have been profoundly inspired by the words of some very wise ladies.

first, from our talented photographer, kate (via twitter):

“when planning details, less is more. props don’t make the day,
pick a beautiful location, elegant flowers and let the rest happen.”

and then, amidst a small bridal breakdown last week, my fabulous aunt kara, mom to flowergirl shannon, left me a great voicemail:

“it’s like packing for a trip. you can always bring more clothes or add
more things but after awhile it doesn’t really make your experience any better.
it’s all about the vacation and not necessarily what you bring with you.”

so needless to say i’m feeling much better and ready to tackle all of the small things with big gusto. and also to start packing for our cruise!



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4 responses to “details, details, details

  1. kate h.

    Lara, you’re one of the most refreshing brides I’ve ever met. You’re wedding will be beautiful because you two are so in love. xoxo

  2. Mom

    I couln’t agree more with both Kate and Auntie Kara!

    I am so excited you booked your cruise!!! I can’t wait to hear where you are going. Call me !!

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