school’s out (for summer)

{amazing cartwheel skills via flickr}

i’m feeling a bit like this adorable chica in her most awesome skirt right now. after turning in my final exam last night, i am done with school for a big fat four months. as most know, i was due to graduate this december, but it would mean a wicked series of finals starting the monday after our wedding. i figured i had better things to consume myself with over this upcoming thanksgiving break than my studies, so i get to treat myself to this little break which is much needed after two-plus straight years of two-plus nights per week in class.

now, i get to join steve in enjoying a return to free evenings which we plan to fill with cooking and walking and visiting the monuments at night and pretty much whatever we want. not too shabby and not too poorly timed considering we probably should reconnect before we tie the knot (wink!). on the agenda for these next few months are (among other things):

  • flowergirl shannon’s third birthday
  • our eight year anniversary (yowza!)
  • my bridal shower and, best of all, a visit from my parents & sis
  • fun couples shower for bridesmaid jamie and her fiance adam
  • jamie’s bachelorette weekend in the outter banks
  • my bachelorette weekend in newburyport (looookout!)
  • jamie and adam’s williamsburg wedding
  • no studying!

something tells me this summer and early fall will be nothing short of exhausting but we are certainly excited for all of the fun ahead. something also tells me that with some extra time on my hands, this blog is going to get a bit of extra attention so look forward to some extra, extra eleventwentyseven goodness!



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2 responses to “school’s out (for summer)

  1. Mom

    I love that picture! Enjoy your well deserved break!

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