crazy eights

today marks eight years since steve and i launched a little romance over a lunch date at ruby tuesday. technically the date was a thank you from me for his help in building several pieces of target furniture for me and bridesmaid lindsey the night before (in reality we all just drank way too much wine and i don’t think any furniture was actually built) but steve paid for lunch and the rest is history. not sure either of us thought we’d be walking down the aisle in 2010!

we felt our last dating anniversary was the perfect occasion to post just a few of the pictures from our engagement session with kate. we traveled to bull run in manassas a few weeks ago for a pre-sunset photoshoot. kate made us feel so comfortable, showering us with encouragement and compliments along the way. these are some of our favorites but if you’d like to stare at us some more, you can view a bunch more on facebook or the entire gallery in all of its glory here : )

{all photos credited to the talented and fabulous kate headley}

to any and all who have supported us over these last eight years, we love and appreciate you so much. we’ll be celebrating with dinner at zengo and dessert at co co sala followed by a meet up with bridesmaid alana and her hubby jon after the dave matthew’s concert at nats stadium.

happy weekend!


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