and all manner of things shall be well

{excellent advice via a desert fete}

not sure if you’ve noticed, but that little ticker over there on the right says 88 which means it has flown past the 90-day mark without stopping at go or collecting $200. so please pardon me while i panic.

now that less than three months of this wild ride called wedding planning remain, i can’t help but obsess over all that’s not done (or, worse, not started). i do have to say, steve was a total trooper and participated in a boiler room-type dinner last night where we cranked out the rehearsal dinner menu and reading/music selections for our mass. (i rewarded him with a brownie sundae.) our condo has been taken over by vendor contracts, bridal party gifts, and to do lists growing longer by the second.

all of that aside, i am so excited to take off for four days of blissful beach time with my bridesmaids in new england. this trip could not be coming at a better time and i plan on completely unplugging (or possibly just tossing my iPhone into the ocean). this weekend is all about my mom’s mojitos, floppy sun hats and epic girliness, not about programs or the fact that i can’t get my baptismal certificate from that little church in new york to save my life OR the gaping holes in my budget (which has been blown to smithereens).

i’m taking full advantage of the girls’ getaway, because as soon as i touch back down in VA, i am dashing straight to the shop of the most wonderful holly to talk florals. there is no rest for the stressed and we are officially full steam ahead to 11-27. guess i’d better get on board!



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2 responses to “and all manner of things shall be well

  1. I’m sad to miss out on the festivities!! Have so much fun. Relax and unwind, and enjoy every minute of it!

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