back in business

{the reason for 11-27 via erin ever after}

i received the sweetest outpouring of love and concern after yesterday’s post which is truly appreciated. i’m feeling much brighter today and ready to tackle these last 87 days. after a great chat with mom, a power yoga session, a little shopping, and another chat with alana last night, i was already a new and improved girl. follow that up with delicious turkey burgers made by stevie and some vino while i watched the bachelor pad — i’m really not sure what i have to complain about. i was able to knock out lots of little wedding to-do’s while i indulged in those last few guilty pleasures (and many thanks to stevie who took the reigns on ordering our votives and candles!) which definitely helped me return speedily to sanity. so, thanks to everyone for checking in. i promise all is well! and thanks one million times to my turkey burger making, wine pouring, bachelor pad watching fiance for being the best guy i could ask for.



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2 responses to “back in business

  1. Mom

    Aww you are bringing a tear to my eye! Cheers to you both! You make a great team. Love you guys!

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