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the big 3-0

{everyone else is doing it via snippet & ink}

we here in the bride-and-groom-to-be department are kind of in disbelief about how we got to be a month away from the big day. i’m not sure where summer, september, or october went but it’s safe to say that the four weekends separating us from now and 11-27 will fly just as quickly! i know for sure that we’ll be spending most of this coming weekend tracking down the missing RSVPs so that we can get final numbers to the WPs no later than monday. we’ll also make a trip down to steve’s parents in stafford to finish the alterations on my dress and trick-or-treat with flowergirl shannon and baby brother sean on sunday. can’t wait to see those little cuties in their costumes!

i have to also say thanks for all of the offers to help which continue to pour into my email inbox and voicemail. it reminds me why we’re so lucky to have all of the love and support that we do! i promise if i can think of anything that needs doing from afar, i will capitalize on that kindness. until then, your words of encouragement and positive thoughts are all that we need.

i told myself that by the time november rolled around, it would all feel very real. there’s still a few weeks of planning ahead and lots left on the to-do list but the closer we get, the “realer” it feels. hope you all enjoy a very happy halloween! thanksgiving’s just around the corner : )



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rockstar in the ranks

i mentioned awhile back that groomsman liam exhibits his stellar singing voice in a group called the silent critics along with our college bestie ryan. the group has expanded to include drummer benjy, basist drew and guitarist phil. our mary wash friends (and most of other friends) are no strangers to their brilliance so i’m thrilled to give them a little wedding blog love as they launch their new video for dissonance filmed in none other than nyc. as one of many someones who have been following these guys since they teamed up and started playing tiny holes in the wall in fredericksburg i’m kind of bursting with pride to see the shots of them surrounded in times square.

seriously amazing stuff, boys. it’s only just beginning!


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i’m alive!

{a brand new view via snippet & ink}

apologies for the lack of blogging – yet again! i’m busier than i ever imagined i could handle but it’s all for good reasons, it just doesn’t fare well for this little wedding blog. i’m feeling a bit like this adorable guy (standing on my head, twisted into a pretzel, upside-down, all of the above!?) with everything that i have going on work/school/wedding related.

madness aside, we do still continue to get lots and lots done every week which continues to amaze me! some of our recent accomplishments:

  • we collected 180 gold chargers which now live in our dining room
  • invitations have been sent and have probably already arrived at a mailbox near you
  • my dress is (almost) hemmed
  • my ring is sized and ready for pick up — anyone feel like an errand? at this rate, i *might* be able to get to it next week : )
  • programs are mocked up and ready to be printed
  • we may have finally tracked down a wedding tie for the groom

all while RSVPs come pouring in the door!

we also attended jamie and adam’s incredible williamsburg wedding, i wrapped up my applied market segmentation class bringing me 1.5 credits closer to the sweet relief of graduation, PLUS we got our marriage license and are feeling very official.

phew! don’t you wish you were us??

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cheers to the preskis!

{via erin ever after}

there is absolutely nothing better than watching one of your best friends tie the knot. lucky steve and i get to watch two of our favorite people marry each other and seal their forevers together this weekend in williamsburg, va. bridesmaid jamie and her hunky hubby-to-be, adam, got engaged last thanksgiving weekend and have been busily planning for their 10-9-10 wedding ever since. as bridesmaids in each other’s fall weddings jamie and i have had the unique opportunity of the best possible support system you could ask for. i’m really sad to see our days as planning buddies come to an end.

their wedding will take place in jamie’s hometown at the gorgeous kingsmill resort followed by what is sure to be one INSANE celebration. i’m so thrilled to don black bill levkoff for these two lovebirds and toast their lifelong happiness. so while i will myself not to sob my way through their saturday nuptials, please join me in congratulating the soon-to-be newlyweds, jamie and adam preski!!


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the great charger chase

amazing wedding planner jamie found the perfect option to complete our place setting in the form of these gold leaf charger plates. the only problem (er…inconvenience) is that they are sold at your lovely local michael’s store and each store tends to have somewhere between 6 (at worst) and 35 (at best, so far) in stock and we need approximately 150.

so steve-o and i are taking a rousing tour of area michael’s which we have divided and conquered. this week, we’ve hit up four and collected (drumroll please!) 91 charger plates. i’m on my way shortly to the very last area michael’s to collect what the store manager tells me are 53 (!!) more and that only leaves us about 20 short.

it’s a good thing i’m driving to williamsburg tomorrow — more on that later — and passing SEVERAL more michael’s throughout the 95-south corridor where i can hopefully stop and secure the last precious few.

welcome. to my life.


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baby, it’s gonna be cold outside

{katelyn ruffle cardigan via – where else? – j.crew}

now that we are officially into october, the farmer’s almanac long range weather forecast for november 2010 is up! after much anticipation, i mustered up the courage to take a little peek-see at the 11/25-30 date range and it reads …

rain and snow, then sunny, cold.


ok, not terrible. i’ll pray for sunny and cold. the almanac also notes mid to late november as 2010’s snowiest season, but precipitation is estimated to be almost 2.5″ less than normal with average temperatures (do i sound like the weatherman?!) so all in all that’s manageable. the weather is the one thing i cannot control so this is all you’ll hear me say on the subject. in the words of stevie, “whatever happens, we’ll have fun!” now in the meantime, i might be searching for something a teensy bit warmer than this cute little cardi i scooped up!

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