baby, it’s gonna be cold outside

{katelyn ruffle cardigan via – where else? – j.crew}

now that we are officially into october, the farmer’s almanac long range weather forecast for november 2010 is up! after much anticipation, i mustered up the courage to take a little peek-see at the 11/25-30 date range and it reads …

rain and snow, then sunny, cold.


ok, not terrible. i’ll pray for sunny and cold. the almanac also notes mid to late november as 2010’s snowiest season, but precipitation is estimated to be almost 2.5″ less than normal with average temperatures (do i sound like the weatherman?!) so all in all that’s manageable. the weather is the one thing i cannot control so this is all you’ll hear me say on the subject. in the words of stevie, “whatever happens, we’ll have fun!” now in the meantime, i might be searching for something a teensy bit warmer than this cute little cardi i scooped up!


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