the great charger chase

amazing wedding planner jamie found the perfect option to complete our place setting in the form of these gold leaf charger plates. the only problem (er…inconvenience) is that they are sold at your lovely local michael’s store and each store tends to have somewhere between 6 (at worst) and 35 (at best, so far) in stock and we need approximately 150.

so steve-o and i are taking a rousing tour of area michael’s which we have divided and conquered. this week, we’ve hit up four and collected (drumroll please!) 91 charger plates. i’m on my way shortly to the very last area michael’s to collect what the store manager tells me are 53 (!!) more and that only leaves us about 20 short.

it’s a good thing i’m driving to williamsburg tomorrow — more on that later — and passing SEVERAL more michael’s throughout the 95-south corridor where i can hopefully stop and secure the last precious few.

welcome. to my life.



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4 responses to “the great charger chase

  1. Elizabete

    Let me know I can always go around NC to help you out.

  2. You are a champ. But I’ve seen those gold chargers in action – so I know the appeal.

    Keep it up. 49 days is a lifetime. 🙂

    • kind of jealous you and 2e’s are done with the planning! but we’re definitely relishing the last 38 days of engagement and very much looking forward to wedded bliss : )

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