cheers to the preskis!

{via erin ever after}

there is absolutely nothing better than watching one of your best friends tie the knot. lucky steve and i get to watch two of our favorite people marry each other and seal their forevers together this weekend in williamsburg, va. bridesmaid jamie and her hunky hubby-to-be, adam, got engaged last thanksgiving weekend and have been busily planning for their 10-9-10 wedding ever since. as bridesmaids in each other’s fall weddings jamie and i have had the unique opportunity of the best possible support system you could ask for. i’m really sad to see our days as planning buddies come to an end.

their wedding will take place in jamie’s hometown at the gorgeous kingsmill resort followed by what is sure to be one INSANE celebration. i’m so thrilled to don black bill levkoff for these two lovebirds and toast their lifelong happiness. so while i will myself not to sob my way through their saturday nuptials, please join me in congratulating the soon-to-be newlyweds, jamie and adam preski!!



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2 responses to “cheers to the preskis!

  1. Jamie

    Awww!! TEAR! I just stumbled across this entry and you are too sweet! I loved, loved, loved our year of bridal buddy-ness and can’t wait to stand beside you and Steve on your big day! Thanks for the shout-out! xoxo

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