i’m alive!

{a brand new view via snippet & ink}

apologies for the lack of blogging – yet again! i’m busier than i ever imagined i could handle but it’s all for good reasons, it just doesn’t fare well for this little wedding blog. i’m feeling a bit like this adorable guy (standing on my head, twisted into a pretzel, upside-down, all of the above!?) with everything that i have going on work/school/wedding related.

madness aside, we do still continue to get lots and lots done every week which continues to amaze me! some of our recent accomplishments:

  • we collected 180 gold chargers which now live in our dining room
  • invitations have been sent and have probably already arrived at a mailbox near you
  • my dress is (almost) hemmed
  • my ring is sized and ready for pick up — anyone feel like an errand? at this rate, i *might* be able to get to it next week : )
  • programs are mocked up and ready to be printed
  • we may have finally tracked down a wedding tie for the groom

all while RSVPs come pouring in the door!

we also attended jamie and adam’s incredible williamsburg wedding, i wrapped up my applied market segmentation class bringing me 1.5 credits closer to the sweet relief of graduation, PLUS we got our marriage license and are feeling very official.

phew! don’t you wish you were us??


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