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we’re all smiles

we got our amazing wedding pictures and 8mm film from kate last week and could not be more thrilled! we’ll share more pictures soon, but in the meantime, please enjoy our three minutes and seven seconds of fame:



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{hand hearts via spokane bride}

one! week!


i spent the morning of day eight with the wp’s and left our meeting feeling totally organized and like we are in the best possible shape for next saturday. i also chatted with the incredible holly who gave me the very best quote of the day:

she said to me, “miracles are happening.”

that is complete music to a bride’s ears and i instantly got 100 times more excited about our incredible florals (if that was even possible). to celebrate how confident i am with the vision and the capability of our incredible dream team to execute it, i ceremoniously took one last jaunt around the wedding blogs and (gasp!) unsubscribed to about 90% of them – i couldn’t let them all go. my google reader has shrunk significantly but, to be honest, i’m kind of sick of looking at other people’s weddings and reading to experience my OWN.

so a very happy weekend, all!! we are so excited to see and celebrate with you this time next week.


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{wedded kiss via kiss the groom}

so many wonderful things clicked into place on day ten!

we got word that steve’s illusive wedding suit is due to arrive today or friday (hallelujah!) at nordstrom. we finalized flowers and our amaze florist placed the order for our blossoms. i picked up our favors (hint: they’re edible). we heard that steve’s grandmother is coming from portugal on monday so she will be present on 11-27! this is big news that we’re both really happy about. and finally, steve’s awesome cousins gifted us with a fantastic combination of portuguese wine for our guests to enjoy at the reception.

what good news will day nine bring? because we are only accepting good news at this time.

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hello fall + a few updates

{a sneak peek at our invitation suite by paperzest}

do you see what that countdown ticker reads over there on the right? and do you know what it is going to say tomorrow? do you see where i am going with this?! we are now officially within two months of 11-27 and your guess is as good as mine as to where the time has gone!

harsh realizations about the number of planning days left aside, we have been pretty productive lately:

  • steve has a wedding ring and a wedding suit
  • invitations are designed and have been sent to print
  • our ceremony music is finalized
  • dress alterations are underway and looking fabulous
  • rehearsal dinner menu and reception menu are both finalized
  • we survived pre-cana and received our certificate

and tons more details that i won’t bore you with.

as for what’s ahead, we meet with our priest, father jim, on thursday to go over our foccus inventory and wrap up our pre-marriage prep then steve takes off this weekend for his bachelor party in atlantic city. i will be spending my weekend with the little cousins ferraiolo so that my aunt and uncle who have so generously lent us their house for my bridal shower, the wedding day, and our hangover sunday brunch following the wedding, can have a nice kid-free getaway to my parents’ in newburyport as a small token of my appreciation. so while steve enjoys the boardwalk and reads a good book by the pool with his best guy friends (i can only hope!), i’ll be bouncing between soccer games and witnessing a karate yellow belt ceremony.

never a dull moment : ) happy fall!!

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and all manner of things shall be well

{excellent advice via a desert fete}

not sure if you’ve noticed, but that little ticker over there on the right says 88 which means it has flown past the 90-day mark without stopping at go or collecting $200. so please pardon me while i panic.

now that less than three months of this wild ride called wedding planning remain, i can’t help but obsess over all that’s not done (or, worse, not started). i do have to say, steve was a total trooper and participated in a boiler room-type dinner last night where we cranked out the rehearsal dinner menu and reading/music selections for our mass. (i rewarded him with a brownie sundae.) our condo has been taken over by vendor contracts, bridal party gifts, and to do lists growing longer by the second.

all of that aside, i am so excited to take off for four days of blissful beach time with my bridesmaids in new england. this trip could not be coming at a better time and i plan on completely unplugging (or possibly just tossing my iPhone into the ocean). this weekend is all about my mom’s mojitos, floppy sun hats and epic girliness, not about programs or the fact that i can’t get my baptismal certificate from that little church in new york to save my life OR the gaping holes in my budget (which has been blown to smithereens).

i’m taking full advantage of the girls’ getaway, because as soon as i touch back down in VA, i am dashing straight to the shop of the most wonderful holly to talk florals. there is no rest for the stressed and we are officially full steam ahead to 11-27. guess i’d better get on board!


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just dance

{dance like nobody’s watching via snippet & ink}

the offers of free dance lessons / consultations have been literally pouring in from all over the dc/md/va area. we need to come to a decision on whether or not to capitalize on one of these enticing offers or just commit to the slow sway for our short and sweet first dance. while we contemplate that decision, we want to know what your favorite get-up-and-dance songs are so we can float them to our fabulous dj!

so, tell us in the comments:
what are the songs that get you off your seat and on the dance floor?


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details, details, details

{girly vintage glam via martha stewart weddings}

we are in a really good place, ladies and gents.

as you know, all the big stuff is booked, including our once-in-a-lifetime getaway to the mediterranean to which i am counting down the days!! what’s left on the to-do list is what feels like lots (and lots) of little things and not lots (and lots) of money. so as i get more and more obsessively wrapped up in stuff like my jewelry, bridesmaid gifts, votive candle holders, table numbers, menus, seating charts (have i stressed you out yet?), yada yada, i have been profoundly inspired by the words of some very wise ladies.

first, from our talented photographer, kate (via twitter):

“when planning details, less is more. props don’t make the day,
pick a beautiful location, elegant flowers and let the rest happen.”

and then, amidst a small bridal breakdown last week, my fabulous aunt kara, mom to flowergirl shannon, left me a great voicemail:

“it’s like packing for a trip. you can always bring more clothes or add
more things but after awhile it doesn’t really make your experience any better.
it’s all about the vacation and not necessarily what you bring with you.”

so needless to say i’m feeling much better and ready to tackle all of the small things with big gusto. and also to start packing for our cruise!


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