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bridal party intros: michael

i love steve’s cousin, mike. i’ve gotten to know his family really well over the last eight years and just absolutely adore his parents, sisters, and girlfriend alyson, too. it helps that they are all based just a few minutes away from bridesmaid alana + hubby jon in cary so whether we are down there for a family function or to play with the fraziers, we get to see all of our nc people pretty often. we are actually heading down in just a few short hours for a weekend at the pereiras including some qt with mike and aly and alana’s baby shower!

mike will be serving as a groomsman on 11-27 while his sisters, jessica and melissa, will both be playing roles in the ceremony that are to be finalized shortly. we are so excited to have the whole family (plus aly!) on board for the big day.

bonus: did i mention mike is a caps and a red sox fan!? i promise those aren’t the only reasons why i love him : )



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it’s (almost) officially official


steve and i spent our morning at saint john the apostle roman catholic church signing our marriage agreement with father tran. this means our wedding ceremony date and time are on the books! since we are members of saint joseph’s in herndon who received an exception to bring our priest, father jim angert, to saint john’s chapel in beautiful downtown leesburg, there are still a few more hoops to jump through, but we’re well on our way.

we chose saint john’s in leesburg for our 2:00 pm ceremony because of my family’s ties to the area with two sets of aunts, uncles, and cousins. the historic church is also the prettiest in the area and perfectly sized for our guests. our intimate group of 150 will max out the pews making for a very cozy and special wedding mass. planning a catholic wedding is no simple task, even when you are both catholic, as we are learning. all of the excitement of pre cana begins in january and i know steve is especially looking forward to the couples retreat (just kidding).


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