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wedding month. is. HERE!

{brides just wanna have fun via snippet & ink}

hello, november! back in june of last year it felt like you would never get here … now i’m trying to adjust to the fact that it’s the calendar month of our wedding – yikes! in all reality, planning is in a good place. steve and i are coming off of a very nice, relaxing but FULL and super productive weekend which included just a few wedding errands and some fun along the way.


  • purchased supplies for the rest of our stationery/paper
  • picked up the final batch of bridal party and ceremony participant gifts
  • had my final dress fitting! it looks SO good thanks to audete
  • sent steve’s little sis off to her very last highschool homecoming – can’t believe she was 9 when we met!
  • watched hours of football at one of our favorite sports bars
  • collected *almost* all of the missing RSVPs – just a few more to go
  • ordered some way cool centerpieces that we are super excited about
  • trick or treated with shannon, her fam, and her adorable neighbors

on top of all that – baby PACE arrived this morning! some of you know that bridesmaid alana had to bow out of her 11-27 duties since she was going to be a brand new mom by that point. well, little pace made his grand entrance today and we are just thrilled for her and hubby jon! is it crazy that i want to make a trip down to NC to meet him the weekend before our wedding?? steve thinks so (and he may be right). we’ll see if i win that one : )

happy november to all! 25 days to go…



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the big 3-0

{everyone else is doing it via snippet & ink}

we here in the bride-and-groom-to-be department are kind of in disbelief about how we got to be a month away from the big day. i’m not sure where summer, september, or october went but it’s safe to say that the four weekends separating us from now and 11-27 will fly just as quickly! i know for sure that we’ll be spending most of this coming weekend tracking down the missing RSVPs so that we can get final numbers to the WPs no later than monday. we’ll also make a trip down to steve’s parents in stafford to finish the alterations on my dress and trick-or-treat with flowergirl shannon and baby brother sean on sunday. can’t wait to see those little cuties in their costumes!

i have to also say thanks for all of the offers to help which continue to pour into my email inbox and voicemail. it reminds me why we’re so lucky to have all of the love and support that we do! i promise if i can think of anything that needs doing from afar, i will capitalize on that kindness. until then, your words of encouragement and positive thoughts are all that we need.

i told myself that by the time november rolled around, it would all feel very real. there’s still a few weeks of planning ahead and lots left on the to-do list but the closer we get, the “realer” it feels. hope you all enjoy a very happy halloween! thanksgiving’s just around the corner : )


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bridal party intros: the brady girls

{nellie, lillian & claire may 2010}

i get a little misty writing this intro for three of the most important little ladies in my life! nellie, claire, and lillian brady (along with their parents) are the reason why i carry such fond memories of fredericksburg throughout my college years. essentially, bridesmaid lindsey’s mom worked with the girls’ aunt beth in williamsburg and made the connection between several broke child-loving college girls and the busy brady family in need of sitters. this was our freshman year at mary wash and lindsey started sitting for them on ocassion back when nellie was just a little under a year old. when lindsey and i became roomies sophomore year, the brady brood had grown to two with the addition of claire (baby churr as nellie used to call her) and they needed reinforcements! i started watching the girls in tandem with lindsey while claire was a newborn and then on my own once she got a little older. their parents, sarah and brent, opened their home and were very much my fredericksburg family for which i will be forever grateful.

{clockwise from top left: me with nellie 2003, claire & nellie (holding lillian) in nyc 2006, the brady family christmas card 2007, nellie and claire 2002}

after we graduated college, miss lillian came along as a welcome third (and final) baby girl. even after lindsey and i moved to northern virginia, we remained close with the brady’s often taking on long-term sitting jobs. it’s been ten years now that i’ve known the brady’s and they have known steve since day 1 (nellie blew our cover when he came over to visit once while i was babysitting!).

{steve with nellie, steve with claire 2002/2003}

these days, the girls are almost 9 (claire’s birthday is in august), 10 (nellie will be 11 before our wedding day!) and lillian turned 4 in march. we always stop at their house when we are driving through fredericksburg and kate even got to meet their clan in may and snapped a family photo! on 11/27, nellie and claire will be serving as junior bridesmaids, and lillian will be flanking shannon as a second flower girl. having all three girls be a part of our wedding and the entire family in tow on the big day is a total dream.


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flower girl fun

as i might have mentioned, we have incorporated a parade of four little ladies into our big day. you’ll meet them soon enough, but in the meantime i had to share some of these hilariously adorable flower girl shots from around the web. enjoy the cuteness!

{it’s tough being patient via style me pretty}

{twinsies via style me pretty}

{game face via jeanette leblanc}

steve and i have no expectations that the girlies four will perform with perfection or even make it down the aisle. we do, however, hope that they will at least pose pretty for kate so we can capture some of their sweetness on film!


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inspiration #7

{flowergirl first look via polkadotbride}

i would have thought choosing fluffy flower girl dresses for two tiny beauties would have been a breeze but for whatever reason, it’s still keeping me up at night! i just love this pic of a happy fg prancing down to show off her fancy frock. i hope to make our little ones that happy on our big day! to see some of my current ideas, check out the style page and let me know if you have any faves.

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hi, my name is lara and i buy tutus on my lunch break.

while they haven’t all been officially intro’d as of yet, we are so giddy (ok, i am so giddy) about the four little girls participating in our wedding. i have been hunting high and low for fluffy cuteness with which to adorn the littlest of the four attendants and i found these gorgeous ivory and pink tutus on giggle has just 5 physical store locations,  one of which is super close to work. amazing! i popped in there today mainly to check out their quality (yes, i am a selective tutu purchaser) and was delighted with their in-person adorableness. so, naturally, i walked out with two in hand.

i’m going to try one on shannon this weekend to see if they’re a hit. the overall ensemble also includes a leotard, tights, and a cardigan to keep cozy.

i may just quit my day job and start styling flower girls full time.

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bridal party intros: shannon

this little sure-to-be-scene-stealer up above is my adorable goddaughter, shannon. she also happens to be my youngest cousin (yes, we’re 25 years apart!) who is about to have a very big 2010 complete with the arrival of a new baby brother in may. she seems pretty excited about her flower girl debut already exclaiming “flowers…throw ’em!” whenever we talk about the wedding. me? i’m pretty darn excited to dress her up in a big ball of tulle and send her down the aisle. i still can’t believe that tiny little creature in the top left corner has turned into the bright bundle of toddler sunshine that i know and love today!


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