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wedding month. is. HERE!

{brides just wanna have fun via snippet & ink}

hello, november! back in june of last year it felt like you would never get here … now i’m trying to adjust to the fact that it’s the calendar month of our wedding – yikes! in all reality, planning is in a good place. steve and i are coming off of a very nice, relaxing but FULL and super productive weekend which included just a few wedding errands and some fun along the way.


  • purchased supplies for the rest of our stationery/paper
  • picked up the final batch of bridal party and ceremony participant gifts
  • had my final dress fitting! it looks SO good thanks to audete
  • sent steve’s little sis off to her very last highschool homecoming – can’t believe she was 9 when we met!
  • watched hours of football at one of our favorite sports bars
  • collected *almost* all of the missing RSVPs – just a few more to go
  • ordered some way cool centerpieces that we are super excited about
  • trick or treated with shannon, her fam, and her adorable neighbors

on top of all that – baby PACE arrived this morning! some of you know that bridesmaid alana had to bow out of her 11-27 duties since she was going to be a brand new mom by that point. well, little pace made his grand entrance today and we are just thrilled for her and hubby jon! is it crazy that i want to make a trip down to NC to meet him the weekend before our wedding?? steve thinks so (and he may be right). we’ll see if i win that one : )

happy november to all! 25 days to go…



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cheers to the preskis!

{via erin ever after}

there is absolutely nothing better than watching one of your best friends tie the knot. lucky steve and i get to watch two of our favorite people marry each other and seal their forevers together this weekend in williamsburg, va. bridesmaid jamie and her hunky hubby-to-be, adam, got engaged last thanksgiving weekend and have been busily planning for their 10-9-10 wedding ever since. as bridesmaids in each other’s fall weddings jamie and i have had the unique opportunity of the best possible support system you could ask for. i’m really sad to see our days as planning buddies come to an end.

their wedding will take place in jamie’s hometown at the gorgeous kingsmill resort followed by what is sure to be one INSANE celebration. i’m so thrilled to don black bill levkoff for these two lovebirds and toast their lifelong happiness. so while i will myself not to sob my way through their saturday nuptials, please join me in congratulating the soon-to-be newlyweds, jamie and adam preski!!


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tuesday shoesday: bridesmaid brooke

bridesmaid brooke is a lover of shoes. the girl has the most gorgeous collection of anyone i know and i still recall a night where she held back tears after the heel of a faithful LBS (little black shoe) snapped while we were on our way out for the evening. alas, today brings happier times and the debut of her stunning selection for 11-27, the nine west ensign. i am so loving the peep toe and bejeweled rosette. excellent choice, brookie!


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something blue

{monogramming service via j.crew}

my beautiful baby sister got me the sweetest something blue. it’s  a grosgrain ribbon with my monogram and wedding date to sew into my wedding gown (obviously not an exact replica up above but you get the idea). love!

so i have officially procured:

something old: my great grandmother’s crystal rosary
something new: my wedding gown
something blue: the monogrammed ribbon

i still need something borrowed and i hope you are all on the lookout for a shiny penny for my shoe!

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tuesday shoesday: m of h

{raffia rose suede peep toes via j.crew}

tuesday shoesday is all the range among wedding bloggers so i thought i would take a note from the industry experts and put up a perfect pair all my own! these are the pretty pumps that will be donning the dancing feet of my lovely little sister, bean. we are loving the blush rosette, neutral color, and not-too-daunting heel.


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school’s out (for summer)

{amazing cartwheel skills via flickr}

i’m feeling a bit like this adorable chica in her most awesome skirt right now. after turning in my final exam last night, i am done with school for a big fat four months. as most know, i was due to graduate this december, but it would mean a wicked series of finals starting the monday after our wedding. i figured i had better things to consume myself with over this upcoming thanksgiving break than my studies, so i get to treat myself to this little break which is much needed after two-plus straight years of two-plus nights per week in class.

now, i get to join steve in enjoying a return to free evenings which we plan to fill with cooking and walking and visiting the monuments at night and pretty much whatever we want. not too shabby and not too poorly timed considering we probably should reconnect before we tie the knot (wink!). on the agenda for these next few months are (among other things):

  • flowergirl shannon’s third birthday
  • our eight year anniversary (yowza!)
  • my bridal shower and, best of all, a visit from my parents & sis
  • fun couples shower for bridesmaid jamie and her fiance adam
  • jamie’s bachelorette weekend in the outter banks
  • my bachelorette weekend in newburyport (looookout!)
  • jamie and adam’s williamsburg wedding
  • no studying!

something tells me this summer and early fall will be nothing short of exhausting but we are certainly excited for all of the fun ahead. something also tells me that with some extra time on my hands, this blog is going to get a bit of extra attention so look forward to some extra, extra eleventwentyseven goodness!


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bridal party intros: stefanie

rounding out the bridesmaids, last but certainly not least, is steve’s little sister, stefanie. i met stef very early on in my relationship with steve at her 5th grade winter concert. so, yes i’ve known her since she was an adorable 10-year old. today’s stefanie is a super successful junior in high school balancing varsity dance team and a study of cosmetology. i do my best to rescue her from her soccer-obsessed brothers as often as possible and i’m so excited for the nyc girls getaway we are planning! (i have a feeling the bars we plan to hop for my bachelorette may frown upon us toting a 17-year old along so we’ve got a fun trip in the works to make up for it.) i feel very lucky to be gaining a new little sister and while she she may be the youngest ‘maid but she will sure be putting us all to shame on the 11-27 dance floor!


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