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this here’s a blog for all the fellas.

i’d like to take a little time to shout out to all of our guy friends who have been following this little blog of mine religiously since day one. unfortunately, i’m not fully confident that their intentions were genuine, as they mostly use the material they read to harass steve. (apparently there was one particularly lengthy email chain after my post about votive candles.) but i love and appreciate the support all the same and cannot WAIT to rock the dance floor with them all on saturday.


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bridal party intros: bryan

bryan is one of our awesome mary washington friends. although he was a year younger than us at mwc, he was an avid soccer fan and friend to stevie throughout their college years. steve was a groomsman in bryan’s beautiful va beach wedding to his bride, jenn (also a fellow eagle!). the two live down in va beach where jenn is a teacher and, when the boys aren’t fiercely competing in fantasy football or have their phones on speaker as they play each other in madden, bryan is a public accountant. we are so excited to have both bryan and jenn be a part of our big day! as a wedded vet, i’m counting on bryan to make sure steve gets to the altar and that all boys behave (somewhat) appropriately in my absence : )

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rockstar in the ranks

i mentioned awhile back that groomsman liam exhibits his stellar singing voice in a group called the silent critics along with our college bestie ryan. the group has expanded to include drummer benjy, basist drew and guitarist phil. our mary wash friends (and most of other friends) are no strangers to their brilliance so i’m thrilled to give them a little wedding blog love as they launch their new video for dissonance filmed in none other than nyc. as one of many someones who have been following these guys since they teamed up and started playing tiny holes in the wall in fredericksburg i’m kind of bursting with pride to see the shots of them surrounded in times square.

seriously amazing stuff, boys. it’s only just beginning!


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bridal party intros: michael

i love steve’s cousin, mike. i’ve gotten to know his family really well over the last eight years and just absolutely adore his parents, sisters, and girlfriend alyson, too. it helps that they are all based just a few minutes away from bridesmaid alana + hubby jon in cary so whether we are down there for a family function or to play with the fraziers, we get to see all of our nc people pretty often. we are actually heading down in just a few short hours for a weekend at the pereiras including some qt with mike and aly and alana’s baby shower!

mike will be serving as a groomsman on 11-27 while his sisters, jessica and melissa, will both be playing roles in the ceremony that are to be finalized shortly. we are so excited to have the whole family (plus aly!) on board for the big day.

bonus: did i mention mike is a caps and a red sox fan!? i promise those aren’t the only reasons why i love him : )


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bridal party intros: andrew

andrew and steve go way back to the days of tot soccer (photographic evidence coming soon!) and all through their years at north stafford high. i even heard a rumor that andrew shared his intelligence (ie his answers) and is fully responsible for steve graduating. they faced a sad separation during college when one was at notre dame and one was at mary wash but andrew  has remained an amazing friend to steve. he’s also been very helpful in whipping steve-o into marrying shape and i can always count on him to be on my side of any fight : ) nowadays, he lives in alexandria and works on quantico. we don’t get together nearly as often as we should but we think of him all the time and we’re so excited to have him as part of steve’s 11-27 lineup!

(oh, and did i mention he’s a really not-at-all-good-looking marine? there’s that, too.)

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bridal party intros: kish

these smoldering blue eyes belong to one ryan kish. he is yet another mary washington soccer stud (yes, our bridal party is teeming with them – lucky, lucky me!) whose friendship with steve has weathered the test of time. the two were teammates for four years and roomies at the infamous prince edward street house for the last two years of college solidifying their bromace. these days, kish is living the dream in arlington so he and stevie still get to kick the ball around on multiple soccer teams. kish is a tall drink of water, bringing the groomsman height average up a notch. little does he know, we’re gonna make him walk with the flower girls : )

ps – you can also ask him about his recent run in with obama!


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bridal party intros: kodack

steve and kodack (paul) were known as “the twins” at mary washington — see any resemblance in the pics up above? the two were pretty much inseparable through soccer and then as roommates sophomore, junior, and senior year. we all moved up to northern virginia after graduation so they are still best buds, causing late night trouble on occasion and playing men’s league together twice a week. sometimes i joke and call kodack “the other woman” because he and steve are thick as thieves, but truth be told he is a very loyal friend to steve and he means a lot to both of us. we’re very honored to have him stand up for us as a groomsman on 11/27 and know that the kodack-ramos friendship will stand the test of time.

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