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the great charger chase

amazing wedding planner jamie found the perfect option to complete our place setting in the form of these gold leaf charger plates. the only problem (er…inconvenience) is that they are sold at your lovely local michael’s store and each store tends to have somewhere between 6 (at worst) and 35 (at best, so far) in stock and we need approximately 150.

so steve-o and i are taking a rousing tour of area michael’s which we have divided and conquered. this week, we’ve hit up four and collected (drumroll please!) 91 charger plates. i’m on my way shortly to the very last area michael’s to collect what the store manager tells me are 53 (!!) more and that only leaves us about 20 short.

it’s a good thing i’m driving to williamsburg tomorrow — more on that later — and passing SEVERAL more michael’s throughout the 95-south corridor where i can hopefully stop and secure the last precious few.

welcome. to my life.



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i had seen this pretty vintage birdcage in a once wed blog post back in june and fallen in love. i mean, the ribbon? little bird sitting on top? swoon. i saved the image for inspiration but never really thought much more of it. well one of the fiance’s assignments this week was to seek out the perfect birdcage to complete our reception decor and, lo and behold, he found the EXACT birdcage on ebay! we are now the proud owners of said ‘cage (along with 288 white candles and glass votives — steve’s project from last week — what can i say? the boy gets things done!) and i am just smitten with its loveliness and the helpfulness of one incredible guy.

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just dance

{dance like nobody’s watching via snippet & ink}

the offers of free dance lessons / consultations have been literally pouring in from all over the dc/md/va area. we need to come to a decision on whether or not to capitalize on one of these enticing offers or just commit to the slow sway for our short and sweet first dance. while we contemplate that decision, we want to know what your favorite get-up-and-dance songs are so we can float them to our fabulous dj!

so, tell us in the comments:
what are the songs that get you off your seat and on the dance floor?


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hidden gem


once we sat down with the aforementioned wedding planning goddesses, the first order of business was to secure a reception spot. so armed with a list of recommendations, we visited over a dozen vineyards, B&Bs, country clubs, and mansions throughout loudon county. within a week we had settled on the ever-charming community center in middleburg VA, hometown to wedding planner lisa, someone project runway fans will remember, jackie o and (apparently) elizabeth taylor. middleburg is completely gorgeous and adorably tiny with just 632 people and .6 square mileage of total land to speak of. the community center is the historical town’s focal point where — no joke — tea party classes are taught and where we will eat, drink, and be merry!


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