we’re all smiles

we got our amazing wedding pictures and 8mm film from kate last week and could not be more thrilled! we’ll share more pictures soon, but in the meantime, please enjoy our three minutes and seven seconds of fame:



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ready, set, happily ever after!

{via the sweetest occasion}

days two, one, and zero proved too busy for blogging but i wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all who have been reading and commenting over the last year! this little blog will go to sleep for awhile but i promise to post links to pictures and the wedding video when it’s ready.

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{calorie-free indulgences via design sponge}

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November 25, 2010 · 2:32 am


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this here’s a blog for all the fellas.

i’d like to take a little time to shout out to all of our guy friends who have been following this little blog of mine religiously since day one. unfortunately, i’m not fully confident that their intentions were genuine, as they mostly use the material they read to harass steve. (apparently there was one particularly lengthy email chain after my post about votive candles.) but i love and appreciate the support all the same and cannot WAIT to rock the dance floor with them all on saturday.

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bridal party intros: bryan

bryan is one of our awesome mary washington friends. although he was a year younger than us at mwc, he was an avid soccer fan and friend to stevie throughout their college years. steve was a groomsman in bryan’s beautiful va beach wedding to his bride, jenn (also a fellow eagle!). the two live down in va beach where jenn is a teacher and, when the boys aren’t fiercely competing in fantasy football or have their phones on speaker as they play each other in madden, bryan is a public accountant. we are so excited to have both bryan and jenn be a part of our big day! as a wedded vet, i’m counting on bryan to make sure steve gets to the altar and that all boys behave (somewhat) appropriately in my absence : )

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{very fancy playdate via ritzy bee}

it’s monday of wedding week and we are mostly feeling good (the bride is slightly under the weather but hoping to bounce back quickly!). there really aren’t too many more projects left to complete and although i didn’t quite attain my goal of planning completion by weekend’s end, i got pretty darn close. we are anxiously awaiting the completion of stevie’s wedding suit and the arrival of the westford ferraiolos (i don’t care that they live in newburyport now)! hope all of our guests are getting ample beauty rest for this weekend’s festivities : )

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{first look via green wedding shoes}

my dress is done! mama audete outdid herself and it looks incredible. my ensemble actually has a little something in common with the bride above. guesses?

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