playing dress up

what’s a girl to do with finals all wrapped up and wedding plans on hiatus until the new year? brainstorm ways to accessorize her daringly simple dress, of course! i’m really loving the belted dress trend, especially wearing a black sash or belt. so what do we think of this little gem up above? it caught my eye on a wander through anthropologie yesterday and i think it could be perfect (not that you’ve seen my dress, but if you email me i might share it).



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5 responses to “playing dress up

  1. Mom

    I Love it! It will accessorize beautifully with your brides maid dresses

  2. i love the idea of a sash! especially if your bridesmaids’ dresses are the same color. i’d love to see your gown! email please?! xo

  3. thanks, ladies. i scooped it up to hang on to. i will try it on with my dress when i take it down to steve’s mom. it was too perfect to pass up!

  4. jamie

    hello fabulous bride to be! i have this belt in mustard and i love it! you could definitely add this to your gown… maybe at the reception for a little fun change of scenery?!

    • hii jamie! thanks for stopping by. i love that you and i are wardrobe kindred spirits. ps – steve’s mom picked up the dress today to start working her magic. pockets are the first addition!

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